Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dogs and Duotones

I love this book of photos, beautifully reproduced as duotones, by Michael Crouser, Dog Run. Published by Viking Penguin, the book was printed in Barcelona through Imago.

I grew up with dogs, and shared the last 8 years of my life with an unforgettable dog named Forest, who died an untimely death of cancer this past Spring. Once you have shared your life with a dog, you know all about dogs playing: the best kind of fun is when the fur is flying, bodies are racing around, teeth are bared, and everyone gets covered with mud.

I love Crouser's photos for this raucous, down and dirty, real life view of what it is like to play like dog.

Crouser himself notes that these are "the first pictures of my life that actually make me laugh."

Just before Christmas, we made the decision to bring another dog into our lives.

Its a hard decision, because you love them so much - a dog enters your life and changes it - and the time you have with them is so brief.

And ...

it is an easy decision ...

because ...

... it is not a good life if there is not a dog in it.

Photos of me and Luke by James McEntee (

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